Overview of Classes

Love and Grace Yoga Studio offers a wide variety of classes, from beginner to advanced. Whether it's stress relief, deep stretching, gentle flow, or power yoga, you're sure to find a fun and challenging workout that's appropriate for your level of fitness.

Class Descriptions

Chair Yoga provides an opportunity for people who need to use a chair to participate in yoga.  All levels welcome.  This class is ideal for older adults, people with limited ability, those who struggle with balance, people with knee and/or hip replacements, people who use a wheelchair, etc.

Gentle Stretching  is a soft and slow exploration of postures and breath. Designed for beginners who want to get started but aren't sure if they are ready for a flow class. We spend some time standing, sitting and being in the floor, but this is not a flow style class.  Suitable for all levels.

Kids Yoga is a fun and playful class that uses yoga techniques of breathwork, movement and mindfulness through the modality of storytelling, songs, crafts and games.  An interactive experience that teaches children in a fun way about exercise, healthy nutrition, meditation and self control. 

Family Yoga is a fun playful class designed to motivate adults and children to be active together, build confidence and trust, and manage emotions in our day to day activities. This class is for ALL ages from babies to teens and from moms and dads to grannys and grandpas. Adults are encouraged and expected to participate. Kids are only $5.00 each and adults are FREE for this class! 

Yoga for Improving Strength & Flexibility is a fast, funky and fun class! Perfect for seasoned beginners and intermediate students. Focus on proper alignment and development of poses. This is a great class to get started and learn the fundamental poses of yoga. Great refresher class for experienced yogis as well. Flow Style class. You must be able to get up and down out of the floor throughout class in order to participate. 

Restorative comfortable, supported postures and therapeutic breathing techniques combine to rejuvenate and deeply relax your body and release residual tension.  Peaceful, calming, and nurturing.  All levels welcome.

Slow Flow offers introspective slow movements linking breath with motion.  Focus is on breath work and proper alignment.  Slow enough for all levels while giving the most advanced student the opportunity for growth.

Stress Relief with Aromatherapy is a great way to unwind.  This practice will stretch the mind, body, and spirit.  High quality essential oils will be used in this practice to aid the body in relaxation and rejuvenation.  All Levels welcome. 

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